The Site " " works as a classic store, it is enough to fill(perform) your basket of the products which you wish to acquire then to cross(spend) in box(cash desk) to settle(adjust) your purchases and so receive your command(order).
More details of the procedure to be followed to place order in our on-line shop.

A) Navigate the on-line shop of " " and fill(perform) its basket

B) Your basket: " add to the basket "

C) Seized with your coordinates: you have to supply us your mail coordinates, where your invoice and your command(order) will be sent to you, your name, etc. to fill(perform) all the wanted fields.


 D) Method of payment of your command(order) by including postal charges in the end(final) ( automatic calculation) by: bank card.

E) What happens then: you go to receive an email confirming you your command(order), your command(order) will be sent to you.  

However, if you have questions, do not hesitate to contact our team to obtain a supplementary help

2. How to know if my command(order) was well recorded?
You receive an automatic e-mail if your command(order) was registered(recorded), if such is not the case, it is that your command(order) was not taken into account. In that case, contact hand on to us or your command(order) on the shop.

3. How is made the delivery? We use the service of expedition(shipping) of The Post office: Colissimo Suivi for the sendings of less than 30 kg and a carrier for the expeditions(shippings) of more than 30 kg. 

4. That to make for the arrival of my parcel? You are anxious to verify the state of the packaging of the goods, the number of delivered parcel ( s ), and to indicate any abnormality on the delivery order as well as in "", within 72 hours. (Do not mark(stand out) "subject to", this having no legal value). 

5. Can I command(order) and pay the goods by Internet and come to the store to get back her(it)? 
The remote Sale by Internet delivers you directly since a deposit(warehouse) which is not situated in your region, if it is the case yes you can come to our deposit(warehouse) to get back him(it) by calling up to


 6. Can we give me advice(councils)?

You can benefit from advice(councils) of "marc" which will drive(guide) you in your choices. By contacting us by messaging we shall answer you within 24 hours to drive(guide) you.  

7. May I turn(return) you a product which is not convenient for me?
Yes and not: if the product was not opened, according to the legislation concerning the remote sale, you have 7 days to get in touch with our AFTER-SALES SERVICE DEPARTMENT which will indicate you the modalities to be followed (the refund(repayment) is made in the four weeks generally). On the other hand, if you opened the package (and / or) that you used the product, no refund(repayment) will be made.

8. What IT equipment is necessary to consult the site? The site works with all the common(current) sailors(browsers), on Mac and PC. For an optimal consultation of the site we recommend however Internet Explorer 6.0 either the more, or Netscape Navigator 5.0 or the more, and a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.