1 - Majorities All the operations made by the customer of the site imply the unconditional acceptance of the present general Conditions of sale The customer declares to have the full legal capacity allowing him(her) to make a commitment in conformance with the present general Conditions of sale.

2 - Information: Marc Moto Technique presents on his web site of products to sell so that their detailed descriptions allowing to respect the article L 111-1 of the Code of the consumption, which foresees(plans) the possibility for the prospect to know before the grip(taking) of definitive command(order) the essential characteristics of the products which he wishes to buy, notably the total amount of the command(order) including taxes current.

3 - Price(prize) / VAT The prices(prizes) of the site are indicated in Euro inclusive of all taxes ( TTC). They are applicable during the validation of the command(order) by the customer and do not integrate the contribution to costs of port(bearing), charged in supplement, and indicated before the final validation of the order form.

4 - Correspondence of the offers products The proposed products are in accordance with the French legislation current and with the applicable standards in France. Nevertheless certain articles of the site with the mention not approved or racing are résèrvés in the competitions taking place in places which their are déstinés and in capacities(measures) of the competent sports autoritées. Marc Moto Technique declines any résponsabilité in case of unfit use.

5 - Confirmation and execution of the command(order) Any command(order) crossed(spent) on the site will be the object of a confirmation by e-mail. The customer will be warned by e-mail of the imminence of a sending concerning his command(order).

6 - Non-fulfillment of the command(order) would not know how to be considered as person in charge of the non-fulfillment of the contract concluded in case of shortage of stock or of unavailability of the product, the force majeure, the disturbance, the all-out or partial strike notably the postal services and the means of transportation and or the communications, the flood, the fire. In case of unavailability of the commanded(ordered) product, notably because of the suppliers and or Manufacturers, the customer will be informed about it as soon as possible and will have the possibility of modifying or of cancelling his command(order). The customer will have then the choice to ask either for the refund(repayment) of the taken(collected) sums (occurring(speaking) in 7 days at the latest according to the date of cancellation of the command(order)), or if necessary, an exchange of product of characteristics and equivalent prices(prizes), in agreement with xxxxxxxxxx.In case of impossibility of exchange, reserves the right to cancel the command(order) of the customer and to pay off him(her) the taken(collected) sums.

7 - Method of payment payments are made by bank card.

8-Delivery and reserves of custom(usage) The delivery periods (120 h) run(roam) from the discount(delivery) of the command(order) by for his(her) carrier. The periods(delays) are indicative and were supplied to us by our carriers. The customer owes verify the exhaustiveness and the correspondence of the information concerning the delivery address that he supplies in the sté This last one would not know how to be considered as person in charge of possible typing errors and the consequences which would ensue from it such as a delay and or an error of delivery. In this context, all the expenses engaged(opened) for the forwarding of the command(order) will be completely chargeable to the customer. The customer has the legal and contractual obligation(bond) to verify the physical state and the contents of or parcel in the delivery, in the presence of the deliverer.Any abnormality concerning the delivery will necessarily have to be indicated on the delivery note of the carrier in the form of " handwritten reserves " detailed(retailed), dated, explicit and accompanied with the signature of the customer. The customer will have to indicate us at the same time this abnormality in two working days according to delivery date, by mail or e-mail exposing(explaining) said complaints, to the following address: Marc Moto Technique 100 bd Paul Doumer 06110 Le Cannet France.

9 - Right of shrinkage and rejection of the payment by bank card According to the legislation the customer has a cooling-off period of 7 calendar days to turn(return), at his expenses, products not being convenient for him(her). This period(delay) runs(roams) as from the delivery date of the product to the customer.  Any return will beforehand have to be indicated with by indicating the number of the order form, as well as the references of the products which the customer wishes to turn(return). The customer who will have to turn(return) (/) products to Marc Moto Technique 100 Boulevard Paul Doumer 06110 Le Cannet. France. This right(law) of retraction practices(is applied) without penalty, with the exception of the expenses of return which stay chargeable to the customer. Products must have returned to Marc Moto Technique, in a new state, in their original packing and appropriate(clean) for the resale. Everything produces which(who) would have been damaged, which(who) would be incomplete, or whose original packing would be damaged or absent, will be neither paid off nor will exchange. In reception of the product and after check of his state, Marc Moto Technique will proceed to the refund(repayment) either by bank transfer, or by check. 
Rejection of the payment by bank card: the customer is expressly warns that any excessive(unfair) and unjustified rejection of a payment by bank card will be the object of a deposit(warehouse) of complaint with the police.

10 - Force majeure None of both parts(parties) will have failed in his(her,its) contractual obligations(bonds), as far as their execution will be delayed, hindered or prevented by a coincidence or a force majeure. Force majeure any irresistible fact or circumstance, outside the parts(parties), unpredictable, inevitable, independent from the will of the parts(parties) will be considered as coincidence or and which cannot be prevented by these last ones, in spite of all the efforts reasonably possible. The part(party) got(touched) by such circumstances will inform the other one about it in ten working days according to the date in which it will have had knowledge of it. Both parts(parties) will get closer then, within one month, except impossibility due to the case of force majeure, to examine the incidence of the event and agree of conditions in which the execution of the contract will be pursued.  If the major case of strength has a duration three-month-old superior, the present general conditions can be cancelled by the injured party. In a express way, are considered as cases of force majeure or coincidences, besides those usually held(retained) by the case law of the prices(lessons) and the French courts: - The blocking of the means of transportation or supplies, earthquakes, fires, storms, floods, lightning - the stop(ruling) of the telecommunication networks or the difficulties appropriate(clean) for the external telecommunication networks to the customers.

11 - Applicable law The present general conditions are subjected to the French law. He(it) is there so for the rules of collection(capital,fund) as for the rules of shape. In case of dispute or of complaint, the customer will address first and foremost Marc Moto Technique to obtain an amicable solution. If a solution amicably cannot be found, the competent court will be the one of Cannes.